Self sustainable

Vegetable Garden

We have a lot of water so our goal is to set up a massive Vegetable Garden and to plant fruit trees. The purpose of the garden will be mostly for the use in cooking purposes for all the Volunteers and Students who will be here on a permanent basis. The rest will then be donated to the local Community. 

We want proper homes for our chickens whom the main purpose will be to lay eggs.   If we have too much it will be donated to the local Community. 

Cows for Milking

We currently have a few cows that we milk for personal usage, which will also be the case when all the volunteers and students are here. We have equipment to make our own Butter, Cream, Yoghurt, etc.

Organic Honey

We plan on making our own honey. Our bee hives are up and running and hope to have 100% organic honey.  Help is needed in this area...