Lucerne Field

We have developed a 9ha Lucerne field with an underground drip irrigation and powered with solar electricity. Our aim is to increase the size to 35ha to be able to feed all animals on the farm should there be a drought year. We would therefore like to invite volunteers/students with an interest in agriculture to help set up the remaining field. We think this would be a great chance for volunteers/students to see a project going right from the start. You will learn about irrigation, fertilizing and all aspects that come into place when growing Lucerne in an arid area. 



We do expect some problem such as: 

  • Unwanted animals, such as porcupines and termites, snakes & rodents. How can we deal with these animals in an animal-friendly way?
  • Mopani trees already starts to grow in the Lucerne field, how can we stop this without affecting our soil/coming Lucerne?