Game / Farm management


We have several game species on our farm, namely, Kudu, Eland, Zebra, Oryx, Giraffe, Damara Dik Dik, Ostrich, Water Buck are just a few, we can offer volunteer projects regarding to husbandry and/or game management.


Examples of projects:

  • Game survey, what do we have? With using game counts, camera traps etc. we want to get an overview of what lives on the farm. 
  • Human-wildlife conflict: our neighbor uses poison to eradicate the spotted hyenas on his farm. This effects our wildlife, such as vultures and predators, as well. How can we deal with the hyena problem in a non-lethal way?
  • What is needed to introduce elephants on our farm? We want to create an area for the African Elephant. Is our farm suitable, and which area on the farm? What else do we need before they can come in?
  • What is needed to introduce Cheetahs on our farm? We want to take in some rescued cheetahs from for example Cheetah Conservation Fund.

Is our farm suitable, regarding to prey on density, residing cheetah population (not known yet, we do see tracks now and then) and habitat? (only possible when a neighbor stops using poison)

Key role of the volunteer will be actively involved in any of the following research activities:

  • Game counts and predator call-ups
  • Distribution of different kinds of game species
  • Grazing patterns of the herbivores
  • Eating habits of the carnivores
  • Data basing of different animals
  • Monitoring the behavioural patterns of the different animals
  • Stress factors or
  • Interaction between the different predators.
  • Bird observations – Creating a thorough bird species database

Volunteers will have the opportunity to help establish and or maintain a working database on the many different wild animals that can be found on the reserve.