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Pangolin release

The BBC World was with us to track a pangolin that was released a year ago by REST. 

Python Release

02 July 2018


This beautiful Rock Python was re-homed from town to our reserve. Hope he has many happy and peaceful days. Our volunteers helped with its release. People are often fearful of large pythons and may kill them on sight. Documented attacks on humans are exceptionally rare, despite the species being common in many regions of Africa, and living in diverse habitats including those with agricultural activity. Few deaths are well-substantiated, with no reports of a human being consumed.

Hard Work by Mariska

To complete my MSc study Forest and Nature Conservation at the Wageningen University in the Netherlands I did my internship at Muller Stud. I had an amazing time at the farm! Besides learning a lot about game management and husbandry, I gained a lot of confidence as I was allowed quite quickly to drive around myself and perform tasks on my own. It is amazing to drive around on the farm and see lots of game, and the beautiful sunset every day. This internship let me to decide I want to work in the conservation field in Africa. I now live in Namibia, and love to come back to the farm. If you are willing to work hard (long hours), learn about game management and are passionate about wildlife and nature, then I can certainly recommend this place. You are welcome to contact me anytime.

Kind regards, Mariska  

This is a story of a boy called Nate...

Nate is a 6-year-old schoolboy from Australia. A few months ago, he came across a devastating picture of a rhino cow, which was killed for her horn by rhino poachers.








Read here on more of his story!



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Comments: 11
  • #11

    Guus Hulshof (Sunday, 27 October 2019 20:09)

    The summer of 2019 I spent at Muller Stud. When I arrived I was welcomed by a very kind and passionate group of people. The days were packed with awesome activities. Also, the days were packed with hard work. But at the end of the day, being a little tired felt really rewarding and there was a lot of time to relax around the campfire. During my stay I learned a whole lot. Firstly, I learned so much about wildlife conservation, behaviour, nutrition, poaching and veterinary care. Secondly, I learned a lot on a personal level: working in a dry and hot environment, communicating efficiently and embracing the comfort you have after a day of work. The people at the farm are very passionate, and therefore genuinely inspiring. They also really let me do things I was interested in and excited about. For example, learning about wildlife-related veterinary issues was incorporated a lot, since I study Veterinary Medicine. I will never forget the late-night game drives and the numerous braai's we had. It was an amazing experience with amazing people. Thank you to everyone at Muller Stud!!

  • #10

    Fem (Monday, 26 August 2019 08:51)

    In 2019 I conducted a 4,5 month internship at MullerStud. Being here was an amazing experience! The people are all welcoming, helpful and very kind. Besides of only doing my research for my study Applied Biology, I also helped out a lot on the farm with the wildlife. Living in the student-house is like having a safari every day, with wildlife walking right past you. I got to experience bird catch and release, veterinarian interventions, placed/checked/analysed camera traps, horse riding between the wildlife, and a lot more. Beautiful place where you will never be bored, where you will help make a difference, and where you will learn a lot about nature, wildlife and cultures.
    Thank you all so much for making my dream into reality. I hope to see you all soon!

  • #9

    Atana Hinauye (Thursday, 25 April 2019 09:17)

    this the great opportunity.

  • #8

    Bastien Pllt (Wednesday, 12 December 2018 08:35)

    My one month experience in Muller Stud farm was for sure one the the richest in my life. I learned so many new things about the nature, the wildlife and also from other international volunteers. To me, the best way to discover Namibia is to experience the life with local people in a incredible place such as the farm. I met a lot of people there, and they have marked my life. The farmers, vets, and friends by their generosity and patience have become a part of my family now. They also helped me to get in responsibility. So don't hesitate and visit them if you would like to discover the huge African wildlife.
    I'll definitely be back to see you and your unforgettable break.
    June-July 2018

  • #7

    Ronja (Wednesday, 28 November 2018 17:02)

    I volunteered at Muller Stud earlier this year and since I left, not a day goes by on which I don’t miss this incredible place.
    The nature and the animals are breathtakingly stunning and I had the unique chance to get an insight of how the farm is organized and especially to help with every kind of work on the farm. I still can’t believe that I got to work with rhinos, antelopes and a variety of other animals that I have only seen in books before as closely as at Muller Stud! I could go on talking about that amazing experience for ages now, but all I want to say here is that I strongly recommend volunteering at Muller Stud to anyone who wants to experience Namibia‘s nature and wildlife in the greatest way possible and is interested in getting a true insight in the country’s culture.

  • #6

    Clémence (Monday, 22 October 2018 22:22)

    How write in fex words a three months experience which allowed me to realise how the nature, the animals and the simplicity are the most important things if you want to live in harmony?
    In fact, I spent a lot of time but not enough at Muller Stud. This place is not only a home for volunteers but a dream for people like me who never see the nature as the most natural thing can exist.
    During this workaway, I helped with animals and took care of them. But not only. For the firt time of my life I create a real link with those animals dogs, cats, rhinos,... It was incredible.
    Maybe you can think there is nobody at Muller Stud because until now I write nothing about them but listen to me just few more seconds. Those people at the farm are the most generous people I know, because they give you time, happiness and trust. I just want to say to all of them a big thank you and I hope I will come back soon to see you again and have a big braai all together.

  • #5

    Juliette (Tuesday, 25 September 2018 09:10)

    In August 2018, I came to visit my sister, Clemence, who had been volunteering at the Farm for some months.
    I was firstly amazed to discover the Farm environment and the so many animals living at the Farm. But soon after, what amazed me even more, was the passion in every member of the Farm. Whoever they are; management team, workers, students; they all care for a same project and this project is not only about Rhinos but it is also about caring and protecting the animals in general.
    Working along with my sis I discovered what a hard work it is to constantly look after big animals and take the right decisions that will greatly affect their well being.
    I felt warmly welcomed at the Farm and only wished I could stay longer and bring my own contribution to the project.
    Thank you all for welcoming me for a few days and for sharing your passion with Clemence. I can't tell you how much she misses you and her life at the farm.

  • #4

    Joelle Pauline (Sunday, 02 September 2018 11:48)

    I worked as a volunteer for Muller stud and it was an amazing experience. I learned a lot and got plenty of responsibilities, which made my time here very interesting. I would recommend anybody to go and spend some time here if you are interested in wildlife in Africa, they have fascinating animals and the team is very friendly and welcoming. I'm sad I had to leave this place, hope to see you guys soon!
    28 June 2018

  • #3

    Darren Tankie Mallalieu (Monday, 16 July 2018 15:15)

    Having worked at Muller Stud earlier this year in animal conservation I would definitely rate it as a 5-star experience, Lots of long days an hard work but so worthwhile, the farm owners are very passionate about conservation and really made me feel welcome and part of the team, everyone I worked with are people I now hold as good friends,accommodation was first rate with all amenities along with amazing wildlife, sunsets an sunrises, if you want to make a difference and are genuinely passionate about conservation I highly recommend you try the Muller Stud Volunteer programme, contact me if you have any questions which I will gladly answer.

  • #2

    Mariska Bijsterbosch (Monday, 16 July 2018)

    From being a kid I always wanted to go to Africa, and later on I decided that I want to become involved in conservation work. I got the chance to do a four month internship here, and I had an amazing time! I now work and live in Namibia, and I regularly come back to the farm. It's very nice to see how much the place has grown. What I especially like about this project is that it is really about conservation. There are so many places which pretend to do conservation work, but who are in reality not really getting 'things' done. Of course working at a farm is hard work, you make long days, but seeing the amazing wildlife, sunsets and landscapes, and knowing that you can make a difference, makes it all worthwhile. I can highly recommend Muller Stud for students/volunteers who are interested in nature conservation/wildlife management etc. and you can always contact me in case you want to know more.

  • #1

    Maikel Menting (Monday, 16 July 2018 15:12)

    Beautifull place, having the time of my life here. Very passionate and great people, fighting the good fight! The facilities are great, i expected to live in a tent or little hut before i arrived but nothing could be further from the truth, even though were in the middle of the bush i have all the luxery i could wish for. There hasn't been a day where i didn't learn something new about nature or how to protect and manage it. Doing lots of exciting different jobs, however nothing is only awesome so some jobs are though and some dull. But your always learning a lot of new things. And you can't beat the feeling you get, when you know the work you do actually helps with the protection of nature and the people that make it their lives work to do so.
    Thanks for a great time and all the new experiences guys!!
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