Nate's Story

We, as Muller Stud, are working with and supporting different breeding and conservation projects in Namibia.  

One such project is a reserve which specializes in breeding with white rhinos. Their aim is to repopulate Namibia and hopefully one day, Africa.

Nate is a 6-year-old schoolboy from Australia. A few months ago, he came across a devastating picture of a rhino cow, which was killed for her horn by rhino poachers. On the picture, her unborn calf, which was due just one or two days later, was lying next to her.  Nate was deeply saddened by this picture and even more heartbroken when he learned why people are doing this.

That night, when Nate prayed, he asked Jesus to protect all Rhinos. Since then, Nate has been busy collecting money to help save rhinos. He set up a stall with his sisters, just outside of their house to sell cupcakes and took a jar to school. He prepared a little speech to recite to the teachers and children at his school in Australia, and asked for donations to go towards the rhinos.  He called this project "Nate's save the Rhino fund".

During the family’s visit in Namibia, Nate handed the donations over to us personally when we took him on a tour with us to the rhino breeding reserve in August this year (2017).

We quote his inspiring words: "I will continue to pray and collect money, because we need to save the rhinos."

On the day of Nate and his family’s visit, we came across a calf which was only about 6 days old. Inspired by Nate’s passion for rhinos, the reserve owner decided to name this new little calf after Nate. The money donated by Nate will go towards the safekeeping and maintenance of this new little rhino calf, Nate. 

Attached are the memorable pictures of Nate’s visit in Namibia and the gruesome picture that touched his heart, giving him this passion for the rhino species.

We also have a project called “The Rhino Momma Project," to help support the above-mentioned rhino breeding program. Please see the Rhino Momma Project and banking details, should you want to support the great project that has already bred more than 50 new rhino calves over the last 5 years.


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