Who is HoRN.nam?

HoRN.nam is a group of private game farmers, friends of rhinos and passionate conservationists sworn to the cause of rescuing a national treasure from falling victim to the greed of mankind.




It is the Amin of HoRN to combine all coordinate efforts by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, the Namibian police force, the private and government rhino custodians as well as the public to actively protect Namibia’s black & white rhino.




We propose to financially and logistically support all private and governmental custodians of (black) rhino and trusted conservationists:


·      By funding the veterinarian and capture costs to dart, ear tag, microchip and subject rhinos to genetic testing

·      By intergrating genetic data of all rhinos into the RhODIS database in Onderstepoort, which is rum and maintained by Dr. Cindy Harper

·      By facilitation the management, quick identification and tracking of all rhino and rhino horns with the help of ear tags, genetic id and microchips

·      By speeding up the investigation processes surrounding Namibian poaching incidents through genetic id, ear tags and microchips

·      By funding the de-horning of rhinos, which we hope will be a very effective deterrent against poachers as a last restart.




As prevention is better than cure, we would like to achieve the following:


·      At least one Anti Poaching Unit (APU) on the ground in every region of Namibia

·      Professional management & strategic placing of APU’s around the country

·      Professional training of these units

·      Military style training courses specifically for the fight against rhino poaching syndicates


Training and logistic management of the APU teams will be expensive.  Without funding no individual farmer or Conservancy can afford this practical and the most effective form of protection.





It is our aim to develop:


·      A specialized and dedicated CSI team to be deployed the moment a poaching incident has occurred anywhere in Namibia

·      Cooperation with the Namibian police to secure the crime scene

·      A professionally trained team will help to catch perpetrators and stop further poaching.


4.             REWARD PROJECT


Information is one of the keys to stop poaching.


·      HoRN is publicly offering a substantial reward to any person or persons for information, which leads to the successful arrest and prosecution of poachers.

·    By offering a reward higher that illegal poaching syndicates are willing to pay we can carp poaching in its infancy – and demonstrate to the world the true value of our Namibia rhino.



We urge everyone to act now, to contribute actively towards this cause, which is the responsibility of every Namibian, by donating your time, money, expertise or skill to the HoRN.nam fund and /or becoming a member of our organization.


ANY donations no matter how small are welcome!



First National Bank

Acc: 622 518 113 55

Branch Otjiwarongo : 280-673